We are blessed with mythic roadbiking passes in the Hautes Alps and the Ecrins so no wonder that Tour de France and Giro d´Italia comes through here. Many are the riders that pedal around, following the traces of cycling legends. We´re only minutes away from the mainroad and its options of neighboring valleys and areas, crossing passes and regions. An itinerary named after the famous pass Col d´Izoard is crossing the very entrance of our valley.


Endurance, singletrack and great forest biking are keywords for all keen mountainbikers who want to get away from the beaten tracks of dazzling ski lifts. Long valleys and high peaks with gradual access over mountain passes makes the biking in this area extraordinary. Man and his herds have been tramping paths for hundreds and thousands of years turning them into naturally made miracles. The smoothe, soft and perfectly curved forest chicaning tracks would make todays ski resort developers green of envy. A sheer joy to ride them, cool in summer under larchtree roofs and even softer in autumn when soft pine needles carpet the ground. If you don´t want to strain yourself too much you can always take a lift up – with our bus or a chairlift or by e-bike! We can supply you with the latter and you can even charge up in front of our local tourist office.

Horseback riding

For those who prefer horse power there are some wonderful rides starting at the lake of Eygliers following the twists and turns of the great Durance river, exploring an odd angle of the lower valley. Another one is the historical tour that takes you around and up to the fortified town of Montdauphin. Mini-ponies for the youngest ones, double-ponies next one up and horses for grownups.