He is blond, tall and always happy. Cyril makes our snowshoers smile as well, especially the ones who have never tried snowshoeing before. Join him for a walk up the hills, for a day or a night out. Based in Champcella this is his home territory, full of well-kept secrets, just as the neighboring valleys and mountain passes towards la Vallouise with its vast treasures.

pieds Frederic JULLIENFrederic

Not only is he a very security orientated high mountain guide, having a past as a piste security controller and a guide in the Sahara. He only takes small groups of skiers or climbers out in his favourite part of the Alps where he finds the best possible conditions. Working all year-round, on ice and snow, introducing real mountaneering for whoever would like to be guided by him.


In winter you can spot Guillaume from a distance, always wearing a colorful woolly hat, just as colorful as his personality. A guide and a mountain visioneer who won´t settle for less and who will share flavors, routes and tracks whether it is on skis or a mountainbike. Quality is the keyword for his tours and years of experience in this region our guarantee. You can join multiple day mountainbike holidays with him, off-pist ski safari or just a of well worth invested on a day of introduction to the region. Guillaume´s base is in l´Argentière and on the other side of Col d´Anon.


If choosing the best hills for a descent beyond the ordinary is an art, then Nico is a true artist. He will reflect, make extensive research, analyse and finally use that special feeling in order to chose destination. Whether it is about mountaneering or ski touring he will create a most memorable day out for you. Full of good stories and reflections this little mountainman will entertain his surroundings.


He is a passionate climber and verticalist. Anything that leans and is beautiful enough can be reached according to Charlie. It doesn´t matter what nationality you have got, he introduces you into the vertical side of southern France and its paradise of rocks. Canyoning, long routes, sports climbing, Via Ferrata – you name it!

pieds sophiedeudonSophie 

Sophie has that intuitive feeling about people, just as a repertoire of activities and ideas that would make any entertainer green of envy. Our clients appreciates her immensely, regardless age and activity. Her expertise domain is nordic skiing but really any type of ”free heals” can be enjoyed on a day out with Sophie.

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