As the Freissinières valley gets narrower the further in you get and the mountain water turns into steep waterfalls and ravines, the layout is made for plentyful of canyons to rappel down and rivers to walk back alongside. No more than 8 great canyons located in a small periferi of us.


In January every year ice-climbers from all over the world pilgrimage to the valleys of Freissinières and Fournel. They attend to the international event of ICE when the inummerous high waterfalls have frozen into walls of ice.


On one side of us lays out Les Ecrins national park with the biggest assembly of nearly-4000-meter-peaks in Europe that is a haven for mountain walkers and alpinists. Fascinating geology and glaciers as le Glacier Blanc et Noir within easy reach from Ailefroide. On the other side the regional park of le Queyras with its stunning scenery and flora bordering Italy with is famed peak Monte Viso, also seen from Turin. An introduction to the real mountains that couldn´t be bettered!

Rock Climbing

Together with its adjoining valleys the Durance probably has more equipped routes per km² than anywhere in the world with climbers likewise enjoying them, making new ones every year. In no distance there are areas for complete beginners, sport climbs and classic multi pitch routes at all grades. Hundreds of routes and “ecole d´escalades” are located around Freissinières and the Roche de Rame area, along the upper Durance valley, following up the Vallouise and Pelvoux valley towards Ailefroide etc.

Via Ferrata

The Italians invented them during the first world war in order to traverse the high rocks of the Dolomites. The French evolved them into a great sport, the very first one made by our founder Lionel Condemine. You see the bulky, bubbly red rock range from a long distance and it seems to hang over our hotel and you can, you must, walk up and have a go at the Via Ferrata. A fantastic experience when literally following the rock, secured by cables, steps and security harness and slings that can be rented from us.