General Conditions of Sale


⛄   TERMS OF SALE: Accommodation/Hospitality   ⛄


Hôtel** Restaurant Gîtes Les 5 Saisons - 208 route de la Grioure - Lieu dit Les Meyries - 05310 Freissinières - France
Tél : 04 92 23 64 78 - -
Siret : 840 532 949 000 12 - Insurer : AXA DAILLERE Briançon - N° Intra-community VAT : FR 51 840532949


This contract is intended for the exclusive use of reservations in the "hotel" formula (half-board, full board, room only) or in the "gîte" formula (studio, apartment) at the Hotel** Les 5 Saisons. Under no circumstances can the Hotel** Les 5 Saisons be held liable in the event of use of this contract by third parties or for purposes other than tourism.

These conditions of sale apply to all reservations at the Hotel** Restaurant Gîtes Les 5 Saisons ! Get to know...

Length of stay:

The customer signing this contract concluded for a fixed period may not under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises.

Conclusion of contract :

The reservation becomes effective when the customer has sent the Hotel** Les 5 Saisons a deposit payment of 30% of the total amount of the stay and when it has been collected.

Payment of the balance :

The total balance (deposit deducted) of your stay is to be paid 21 days before your arrival.
If you book after the 21-day deadline, you must pay for your entire stay (100%).
Methods of payment: bank transfer, holiday vouchers, cash or credit card (distance selling).

Cancellation by the customer :

* Any cancellation or modification (date, number of people, formula, etc.) must be notified: first by telephone, then in writing by sending an email to the Hotel** Les 5 Saisons:

* If the customer withdraws for any reason whatsoever:
from 30 to 21 days: 30% of the total amount of the stay
from 20 to 16 days: 50% of the total amount of the stay
from 15 to 7 days: 75% of the total amount of the stay
less than 7 days: 100% of the total amount of the stay

* No show: if we have not heard from the customer and he does not show up at the Hotel** Restaurant Gîtes Les 5 Saisons before 10 p.m. on the scheduled date of arrival, full payment of the stay is mandatory . Non-payment may be subject to prosecution. The Hotel** restaurant Gîtes Les 5 Saisons will be able to dispose of the rooms. No refund will be possible for any reason whatsoever.

* Shortened stay: in the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of the stay remains with the owner insofar as the unoccupied beds cannot be reused unless agreed with the owner.

* Reduction in staff: unless there is a prior written agreement, no reduction in staff compared to that indicated in this contract may lead to a reduction in the price initially determined insofar as unoccupied beds cannot be reused.

* Other reason: if the customer had reserved a sporting activity, a service or a formula (ex: the evening meal or a climbing/skiing outing...etc) and that he did not practice or consume, the customer will have to settle the total payment of his reservation. What has been reserved must be paid.

Cancellation by Owner :

If before the start of your stay, the Hotel** Les 5 Saisons has to cancel one or more stays, we must inform the customer by telephone and email as soon as possible. The customer, without prejudging recourse for compensation for any damage suffered, will be immediately reimbursed for the sums paid. As far as possible, we will try to find a new vacation spot.

Arrival and departure :

Unless otherwise agreed, the customer must arrive between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. (evening service time). In the event of a delayed arrival, the customer must notify the Hotel** Restaurant Gîtes Les 5 Saisons as soon as possible. Departures take place before 10 a.m. (limit time to free rooms and studios/apartments).

Settlement of Balance : 

The total balance (deposit deducted) of your stay is to be paid 21 days before your arrival.
If you book after the 21-day deadline, you must pay for your entire stay (100%).
Methods of payment: bank transfer, ANCV holiday vouchers, cash or credit card.

Tourist day tax :

The tourist tax is in addition to the formulas offered: "hotel" or "gîte - studio/apartment"
0.90€ per day and per person over 18 years old.
It is a local tax which the customer must pay to the host who then transfers it to the public treasury.

Use of premises :

The client must ensure the peaceful character of the places he will be required to share, day and night.
The Management may at any time require the customer to leave the premises if he does not respect the peaceful character of the establishment as well as the conditions of sale (contract).
From 10 p.m.:
- Calm is required in the establishment (rooms/studios/apartments and common areas): no too loud discussion or even shouting (of joy or other), songs, music, doors slamming unexpectedly, we don't run/jump etc... "Your freedom ends where that of others begins"
- The customer will have to regain his calm as soon as another customer or the Management points out his disrespectful behavior and / or not adapted to the premises.
- In the event that it is difficult for the customer to understand that he is not alone and that certain rules apply: he will be asked to leave the establishment the next morning but to spend the rest of the night with calm. At no time will the rest of the stay be refunded to the customer.
- If the customer does not regain his composure after the intervention of the Management: the Forces of Order will be called upon to intervene.
The dining room and the bar (locked) are not accessible to customers when the Hotel Staff is not there.
Access to the kitchen, storage room, wine cellar and other laundry rooms marked "private" is strictly prohibited to the public.

The Forces of Order can be dispatched day and night & for any overflow !

We ask you not to smoke in the hotel but outside (balcony, garden) and not to access the floors and rooms with type shoes: skiing, hiking...etc, please provide shoes/ suitable slippers. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the car parks - presence of a buried liquid gas tank.

Damage to equipment, furniture and others :

The client is responsible for all damage/damage he may cause within the premises of the establishment (common areas, rooms, exteriors, etc.).
He will have to pay the invoice for repairs or replacement (furniture, objects, etc.).




❅ To be able to offer you "all-inclusive" stays at the Hotel** Les 5 Saisons, we work with the travel agency ROC ECRINS. They have a specific license called APRIAM, which they give us in order to organize stays in complete legality (cancellation insurance, assistance, etc.). For the payment of your stays, you must make the payment of the deposit (30%) and the final balance (70%) via a bank transfer or by check on or on behalf of ROC ECRINS. This is completely normal, we operate this way ❅

❅ The ROC ECRINS Agency is the partner of the Hotel** Restaurant Gîtes Les 5 Saisons in the sale of all-inclusive stays and takes care of all the insurance, approval and
collection. The Hotel** Resaturant Gîtes Les 5 Saisons produces all-inclusive stays and resells them in partnership with the ROC ECRINS Agency ❅


ROC ECRINS – ZA Les Sablonnières - 05120 L'Argentière la Besséée – France.
Tél : 06 48 57 33 82 - Site internet Roc Ecrins -
Tourism Association Law 1901 affiliée APRIAM IM073.100023 – Alpespace 73800 Francin
Financial guarantee : Groupama Assurances-Crédit contrat n°4000713451. R.C.P MMA IARD – contrat 58224381 - 72000 Le Mans - Code APE 9329Z – SIRET : 799 608 906 00019
N° Intra-community VAT : FR 46 799608906

FOR : 

Hôtel** Restaurant Gîtes Les 5 Saisons - 208 Route de la Grioure - Lieu dit Le Meyries - 05310 Freissinières - France
Tél : 04 92 23 64 78 - -
Siret : 840 532 949 000 12 - Insurer : AXA - N° Intra-community VAT : FR 51 840532949


Registration for one of our stays implies membership in the association, free of charge. and our terms of sale. The registration form must be completed and signed by the participant and sent to us by post or email. For established groups, each participant must complete a registration form. For works councils and associations, the manager must complete a registration form in his name or in the name of the structure he represents and complete the "group" information form, signed by all participants.
Your reservation will only be effective within the limit of available places and after validation by our referent guide.
Your registration request is considered as a firm reservation, and cannot be canceled free of charge.
The participant acknowledges by signing the registration form that he has read the information relating to the stay or course he has chosen, according to the information available on our site and in the technical sheets that were provided to him beforehand.

Following the validation of your registration by us, we send you a reservation contract. It presents the details of your reservation as well as the calendar and the terms of payment.
Upon receipt of this contract, you have 7 days to pay the deposit. Definitive registration is only taken into account upon receipt of the deposit. Any modification (options excluding insurance) in the reservation must be communicated to us before the date of payment of the balance. No modification in the reservation will be accepted after the payment of the balance.

30% deposit to be paid upon receipt of your booking contract.
The balance must be paid 45 days before the departure date, unless otherwise stated on the technical sheet of the stay and the reservation contract, as in the case of an external service provider such as a boat, requiring payment 70 days before departure. Any delay in payment of the balance will be considered as cancellation and may result in the deductions specified in these conditions.
In the case of registration less than 45 days before departure, the total amount of the reservation must be paid upon receipt of the reservation contract according to the terms and conditions therein.

Transfers, bank checks, ANCV holiday vouchers, cash.

You will receive a registration confirmation upon receipt of your deposit.
After payment of the balance and at the latest 10 days before your departure, you will receive a stay file containing all the useful and essential information for your stay (times and exact meeting places, contact details of the supervisor, contact details of first night's accommodation...)

In accordance with Article L 211-12 of the Tourism Code, the prices indicated on the technical sheet are subject to revision to take into account the following variations: cost of transport (related to the cost of fuel or ski lifts), modification of program, royalties and taxes (landing, disembarkation, boarding), exchange rates applied to the trips and stays considered, tourist tax. These variations may lead to the readjustment of the published prices no later than 20 days before departure.

You must provide us with your surnames, first names and date of birth as they appear on your passport or national identity card that you will take with you during your stay.

The administrative and health formalities issued by Roc Ecrins concern French nationals. Participants of other nationalities should check with the competent embassies and consulates. It is up to all participants to check that they are in possession of the necessary travel documents, in accordance with the information provided by the official bodies.

Each participant must comply with the instructions given by the management, Roc Ecrins cannot be held responsible for incidents, accidents or bodily injury which could result from an imprudent personal initiative. During the stay, the participants undertake to respect the safety instructions given by the supervisor. The itineraries of our mountain stays can be dizzying in places and exposed to natural risks: rock falls, crevasses, avalanches... Weather conditions as well as mountain conditions can make it impossible to carry out the planned program because it is too dangerous. We try to anticipate as well as possible in order to make the best decisions, but in any case, our priority will always be safety. In this case, we may need to substitute one means of transport for another, one accommodation for another, and modify the planned itinerary. The participant cannot refuse them for valid reasons. On the other hand, if the services accepted are of inferior quality, the difference in price will be reimbursed by Roc Ecrins, upon return. If a replacement service cannot be offered or if this is refused for a valid reason, we will ensure the return of the passenger, at no additional cost.

Any voluntary interruption of the course or stay on your part does not entitle you to any refund, as well as an exclusion decided by the supervision of the course or the trip, for insufficient level or non-compliance with the safety instructions.

Roc Ecrins and the Hotel Les 5 Saisons offer you a reservation service for rental equipment in partner stores. This material is under the full responsibility of the participants for the duration of the rental. In the event of theft, breakage or loss, the participant must pay the cost of replacing this equipment. The same applies to equipment rented or lent by Roc Ecrins and the Hotel Les 5 Saisons.

From the participant: Any cancellation by the participant before departure must be sent to us by email or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. It is the date of receipt of this letter or email that will be used to calculate the cancellation fees.

Depending on the date of your cancellation, the following deductions will be applied to you (except for specific cancellation conditions for certain stays (specified on the technical sheets):
- more than 60 days before departure: 20% of the amount of the total trip with a minimum of 50 euros per person
- from 60 to 31 days: 25% of the total amount of the trip
- from 30 to 21 days: 50% of the total amount of the trip
- from 20 to 16 days: 75% of the total amount of the trip
- less than 15 days: 100% of the total amount of the trip

The amount of the insurance taken out is non-refundable, as are the visa and pre-routing costs that you would have incurred for your internship or trip. These non-refundable costs are not taken into account by your eventual cancellation insurance.

If you need to cancel your participation, you can suggest someone to replace you if they meet the same conditions. Even in this case, all reservations that would already be committed in your own name will be invoiced to you. You are required to inform us between 15 and 30 days before departure by registered letter or email with acknowledgment of receipt.

From us: Our courses and trips are subject to a minimum number of participants. If we have to cancel a stay due to lack of participants or for reasons beyond our control, you will be notified at the latest:
- 20 days before the departure date for stays of more than 6 days
- 7 days before the departure date for stays of 2 to 6 days
- 48 hours before the start of the stay for stays of 2 days or less

You can then:
- or cancel your participation and obtain reimbursement of the sums paid, without any compensatory indemnity.
- either accept a modification of the stay (price, itinerary, services)
- or accept a substitute stay organized by Roc Ecrins or by one of our partners.

We can not replace the individual civil liability of each. It is therefore essential to have a Civil Liability to participate in our courses and trips.
It is MANDATORY to be covered in repatriation assistance - rescue and research to participate in our internships and stays. It is up to the participant to check, before registering, the risks for which he is already covered.

Each participant has the option of taking out EUROP ASSISTANCE insurance contracts with ROC ECRINS:
- "ASSISTANCE" insurance covering repatriation, rescue and search costs, represents 2.3% of the price of the stay.
- "CANCELLATION" insurance covering cancellation and loss of luggage, represents 3.7% of the stay.

If you purchase both EUROP ASSISTANCE insurance policies, you will be covered for interruption of stay.
Regarding the CANCELLATION insurance that we offer, we draw your attention to the fact that when examining a file, the insurer does not take into account the sporting nature of our stays.

On the other hand and by way of example, here are some of the reasons and circumstances for which the insurance intervenes:
- serious illness (pathological condition duly confirmed by a medical doctor formally prohibiting leaving home and requiring medical care and the absolute cessation of all professional activity)
- serious accident (sudden and fortuitous event affecting any natural person, unintentional on the part of the victim, resulting from the sudden action of an external cause and prohibiting him from moving by his own means)
- death, redundancy, destruction of professional or private premises...
(guarantee booklets of our insurance contracts provided with our technical sheets and available on the Roc Ecrins website)

Please note that cancellation insurance can only be taken out on the day of registration.
No changes will be possible once the insurance has been taken out.

NB: to be able to take out this insurance, you must be domiciled in Western Europe or in the French overseas departments. Your main and usual place of residence is considered as your domicile and appears as your domicile on your income tax notice. By Western Europe, we mean the following countries: Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Metropolitan France, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy and the Islands, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Principality of Monaco, Norway, Netherlands , Portugal, United Kingdom, San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland. By DOM, we mean: Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte and Reunion.

If the participant does not wish to subscribe to our repatriation insurance – rescue and research, we ask him to provide us with a certificate from his own insurance specifying the maximum amount of cover for evacuation costs.

Any complaint, except in cases of force majeure, relating to the trip must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within one month after the date of return. In the absence of a satisfactory response within 60 days of your letter, you can contact the tourism and travel mediator on the site:

Conditions de Vente Séjours "tout compris"

Livret d'assistance N°58 224 381 - Séjours "tout compris"

Livret d'assurance N°58 224 382 - "Séjours tout compris"