Our Hotel is located just where it should be. In the Freissinières Valley, where the Alps meet Provence and mountains merge with outdoor mountain sports .

Outdoors is our passion..

 just as we like the thought of having everything on our doorstep.  Freissinières valley is a stone-through away from the Durance valley, in the middle ofrock-climbing, skiing, biking and walking haven.

Hotelerie is what we do..

with 30 odd years of experience of mountain living. All put into this alpine activity hotel along with a restaurant, bar, terrace, garden, spacious   hotelrooms and apartments, all with views beyond imagination. 

A perfect activity holiday is what we offer

with the best ideas and itineraries, the most reliable and skilled organisers guides and mountainleaders. You won´t believe it until you see it! Welcome to 5 Saisons.