A well-kept secret isn´t one, once you´ve told someone about it. The Freissinieres valley was once a place to hide, today it´s a hidden treasure. A secret that awaits to be revealed.

Already 30 years ago the founders of les 5 Saisons, worked out that this valley was the future, ideal spot. Way before wi-fi, worn-out and overexploited ski resorts drowning in facilities and streamlined, plastic amenities that makes its visitors long for something else. Today we´ve got less time, more experience and not many green spots on our global travel maps left.
Authencity is a rare thing, a combination of vicinity and accessibility are endangered species.

The 5 Saisons is nestled amongst the genuine, old village of Freissinières. Overlooking us is the magnficient ridge of the Grand Falaise with its bulky red, orange cliffs shaped by wind and erosion into amazing climbing walls and massive caves to hide in. A bit higher up; the mountain passes of Anon and Lauzes, with easy leading to the peaks of Raisin, Dormillouse and into the Ecrins national park. laying first tracks, looking down on the worldclass cascading ice climbing cliffs and canyons.

Below us lays out what was once a glacial formed lake destroyed by a tsunami in the middle ages. Now the plains of Freissinieres that in winter are a haven for alpine, nordique/cross-country skiing, skating, kiteskiing, dogsledging, snowshoeing, great walks or even a gentle ramble. The rest of the 5 seasons are a paradise for biking, walking or running, descending and criss-crossing the valley on innumerous anciently established tracks linking Freissinières with the balconies of the Durance valley, perfectly graduated in a natural way. Just like the scenery and topographics surrounding us.